Pitaara Terracota


Terracotta originates literally from the Italian translation: 'baked' or 'cooked earth'. In other words, this word is an embrace from Italian vocabulary: terra ("earth") + cotta ("baked"). Terracotta clay has high plasticity and can withstand high temperatures. It is water-soluble. Terracotta usually is made from an adequately heavy porous type of clay. It is first shaped (or sculpted), then fired until baked hard. Baked terracotta is not a water-tight layer of glaze is required for this. Sometimes recycled terracotta ("grog") is mixed with fresh clay to make a new batch of the material.

The making of terracotta pottery is no ordinary process. Each terracotta pot or piece of art is created by a fascinating process, with grace and dedication. And the time taken to make such a masterpiece is what makes terracotta so valuable and expensive.


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